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Business intelligence Software For Tally Prime

F1-MIS BI Tool For Tally

F1-MIS Business intelligence:
Advance Reporting Tool For Tally Prime

Organizations invest significantly on the business process automation systems like ERP, CRM, Accounting, HRMS, etc. Since these are capable of collecting more amount of data related business process, the organizations intend to capitalize on the data & look forward to analyse the same and take informed business decisions. Here the systems cannot satisfy and meet the dynamics required by the business and simply generate a static data, which needs to be further acted upon either in Excel or by manually collating information and analysing. This activity requires considerable amount of time and efforts every time and also it is still not authenticated and accurate.

F1-MIS Business Intelligence is a reporting tool for Tally Prime which helps users to slice and dice data to generate meaningful analyses and reports without much manual labour. Dashboards provide a one screen view of related information to help business owners to track their business on a real time basis.

F-1 MIS is the ultimate answer to the problem and a right solution which helps the business to generate dynamic, accurate and flexible MIS reports, while staying connected with latest data. F-1 MIS enables user with the slicing and dicing feature, which meets the business dynamicsof the requirements and keeps the accuracy intact.

From Data to Information
F1-MIS can convert data into actionable insight with an integrated view of all your information through dashboards, reports and analyses.

Ready Reports
Information cubes such as Sales, Purchase, Inventory and Finance provide you with ready information for consumption based on predefined or ad-hoc analyses. Dashboards and charts enhance the readability of the information for executives who need a bird's eye view of business operations and performance.

Export and Distribute Information
Information is readily exportable in Excel and can be distributed via email to allow managers on the move to easily access data.

Integrated with Tally Prime
F1-MIS provides seamless connectivity with the popular business solutions software - Tally Prime.

No Expensive Hardware or Software pre-requisites
There are no other requirements to run F1-MIS except certain commodity utilities provided by Microsoft free of charge. F1-MIS can also run on your desktop PC and thus there is no need to invest in complex and expensive hardware and software platforms.

F1-MIS empowers the end-user with a wide array of analytical tools and data management facilities to enable them to prepare reports in quick time. Some of the key end-user features available are: Report Features Offered By F1MIS

• Unlimited in-screen dropdown filters
• Unlimited pre-report data filters
• Data grouping and sorting
• Absolute and Percentage comparison of data across time periods and entities
• Generate reports based on Sum, Average, Minimum, Maximum and other variation options
• Define top and bottom n values for any column
• Analyse any date based chronological information by Week, Month, Year, Day of Week, etc.
• Create mathematical formulas and custom fields
• Show and hide totals
• Create exception rules for reports and highlight qualifying data
• Save report definitions as layouts for future use
• Export reports to Excel, PDF
• Email reports directly from within the application

Available Reports
There are no other requirements to run F1-MIS except certain commodity utilities provided by Microsoft

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