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Co-operative Housing Society in Tally

Co-operative Housing Society in Tally

Co-operative Housing Society for Tally Prime is a highly interactive Co-operative Housing Society Add on. It provides one-step solutions for Co-operative Housing Society to keep updated details about the Members of the society. Complete Tariff Structure can be maintained and customized according to any Society.

The System is divided into following modules:

1. Society Identification & Registration Details
2. Society Parameters for Billing
3. Tariff Structure as per parameters of billing
4. Floor Details
5. Members Details
6. Occupancy Details
7. Share Certificate Details 8. Monthly / Quarterly / Half Yearly / Yearly Billing
9. Maintainence Register
10. Members Register
11. Outstanding Register
12. Share Register
13. Nomination Register
14. Income & Expense Register
15. Many other reports related to Accounts

Accounts Management: The integration of the Society management with accounts section make it complete package. The collection of Bills, deposit in bank or any transaction in terms of money is recoded in its different module. It facilitates the Account department to receive and print bill receipts for bill paid by Members and provides various reports included monthly, quarterly, yearly bill receipt report and even defaulters.

Multi Society: Co-operative Housing Society for Tally Prime can be made used for more then one Society i.e. separate data can be maintained for your different setup and different location or within the same location. Can also take care of any number of Group Society.

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