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Employee Life Cycle

a. Joining & On-Boarding:
a. Welcome Emails with user friendly instruction to complete on-boarding.
b. System driven process flow to complete the on-board cycle & collecting various employee details along with compliance information / documents.
c. Approval of collected information by HR & updated the master records.

b. Confirmation Process:
a. Auto Remainder Email will be initiated to Employee / HOD & HR to review Probationary / Temporary Employee & make them confirmed if criteria matched.
b. Confirmation Request can be initiated by Employee or HOD & request will flow as per work flow defined for approval.

c. Employee Exit Request & Clearance Module:
a. Employee can place the request of resignation online.
b. Comprehensive Exit Interview form to be submitted by employee.
c. The request will be immediately escalated to HOD & HR Head through the email intimation for their further course of action.
d. Exit Request Approval / sign-off by various departments along with final sign-off by HR with detailed input of Exit interviews.
e. Approved resigned request will be automatically update to SPINE HRIS / PAYROLL – FNF Module to complete the process & relieve the employee.

d. Survey:

a. Comprehensive survey features to capture the feedback of employees periodically along with reports & analysis.
b. Survey Module can be activated to take feedback from employee on their experience with defined system & process.

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