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Jewellery Manufacturing Software in Tally

Jewellery Software For Tally Prime

A typical Jewelry Shop (or chain of shops) has to handle many activities on a given business day. It begins with creating your stock items, noting the opening balance, purchasing Gold, silver, precious stone and even readymade jewellery for making and selling.

Jewelers do purchase old ornaments for exchange with new ornaments by properly assessing the value of Gold included in the items being exchanged.

They also need valuation of stock by many ways. It needs to know the stock of Gold by purity as well as weight, quantity of precious stones, quantity of finished ornaments and weight of individual ornament with and without the studded stones.

The ornaments must be assigned their respective positions on their shelves and trays and noted properly.

Moreover the jeweler has to know where the stock is lying; across the network of outsourcing artisans called Kaarigars and at own shop.

Our solution for jewellery retail management is a very practical answer to many questions.
It involves making use of both Accounting and Inventory features of Tally Prime and make available a solution that is equally useful for users and management.

Creation of Gold and Silver as stock items with purity
Capturing daily rates of these precious metals
Purchasing Pure Gold, Readymade (Branded) Jewelry Items
Exchanging Old Ornaments / Fine Gold or Silver with New Ornaments
Maintain masters of Salespersons as well as Kaarigars for tracking sales and material
Multimode sale with Advance Order, Partial Payment, Cash and/or Credit Card Payment
Tracking of stock across trays, shelves, stores and kaarigar shops
Tracking of payments from Order and Advance Payment to Final payment
Calculating commission to be paid to the salespersons
Compliance with statutory framework

Features :

Buy Pure Gold, SILVER, GEMS
Maintain Daily Rates
Maintain Dealer Purchase
Outstanding Payables mgmt.
Maintain Rate History

Stock / Inventory
Maintain Stock by Type of Ornament, Weight, Purity as well as Trays
Maintain stock across multiple outlets
Maintain Daily Stock Register for Day End Tallying
Maintain Bar Codes
Include image of ornament in master
Polishing, Melting wastage management

Outsourcing (Jobwork / Karigar)
Send stock to external KARIGAR for working
Keep track of stock across multiple Karigars
Maintain labour charges records as per item/weight

Proper Integration of Inventory and accounts
Proper book keeping till finalization of accounts
Banking Module
Finalisation statements like Balance Sheet, P & L

Create Estimate Memo (Quotation)
Handling Customer Order Management
Buy old ornaments for exchange
Indicate old items exchange value in sale invoice
Handle sale by CASH or CREDIT CARD or BOTH
Customer pending order status
Daily cash sales register
Integrate Bar Code
Include Making Charges as per Item/Weight

Salesperson performance and commission
Daily item verification statement
Cash Flow/Fund Flow, Cash Flow Projection

As Tally is the platform for working, no need to maintain two software solutions; one for Business Processes and other for
Accounts and Taxation. You get everything together.
All the major functions of the jewellery retail business are covered.
Easy to learn as menu is reduced to bare minimum for the end user
A better control on Inventory is possible because traceability up to the smallest unit with its location is available
Even in case of multi showroom business consolidation at H.O. level is possible.
Accounts, Inventory, Statutory and MIS go Hand in Hand

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