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Leave Attendance

a. Flexibility to Create Leave / Compensatory/Outdoor duty Application Policy as per requirement.
b. Setting Parameters for Leave / Compensatory/Outdoor duty application.
c. Graphical HR Dash board with Leave analysis for leave utilization for current month with filtration.
d. Leave utilization graph for the current year as well as for last couple of years.
e. Auto mail initiations by system on apply, approve & reject of leaves to User & HOD respectively.
f. Comprehensive view on various information of employee to HOD before approving leave.
g. Auto posting of approved leave in SPINE HRIS& PAYROLL at month end payroll process.
h. Leave Cancellation Request by Employee with option to auto approval of same for future date.
i. Leave encashment request by employee with HR approval.
j. Leave Enhancement / Adjustment option to HR.
k. Leave Planner to view the Team members Leaves Plans.
l. Various Leave MIS for HOD & HR.

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