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Logistics Management Software

SuperProcure - Transportation Management Simplified

SuperProcure - Real Time Freight Sourcing & Collaboration Platform

The right freight sourcing software is a critical component of successful strategic transportation management. Transportation procurement has become a key tool in leveraging a competitive advantage from your supply chain and is the foundation of the partnerships that define your transport supplier relationships.

Superprocure’s transparent and collaborative process for carrier interactions maximize your buying power and reduce time spent finding the best partner. Identifying the right carrier for each assignment means your business can focus on implementing a strategic approach to transport procurement and sourcing. It also lets you move away from spreadsheets to manage the sourcing process and enjoy the benefits of a solution designed for freight professionals.

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Logistics Management Software
indent management system

Superprocure e-indenting feature allows you to raise a requisition for carriers and transport service providers right from within the contract enabling real time collaboration with all stakeholders from sales to dispatch.

The tool ensures faster vehicle placement, provides full and real time visibility to all stakeholders across the various stages of the dispatch cycle thus improving efficiency

Inability to track the vehicle and take appropriate actions due to lack of transparency is a thing of the past due to Superprocure’s platform that reduces vehicle detention times and improves turnaround

Superprocure’s In Plant Optimization Module, allows your logistics department to track key events across the vehicle placement and dispatch cycle like truck reporting at the gates, alerts on vehicle release post loading, weighment etc and take on the spot actions if required

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invoice management system

As soon as you get a confirmation of delivery, SuperProcure enables you to flip the PO and create an invoice from the platform, reducing time and effort and eliminating errors.

What if you never had to approve an invoice again. All too often, “going digital” means replicating a paper-based process on a screen. Instead, it should be about fundamentally changing the way you work. And no, that doesn’t mean just using PDFs or XML files. It means taking what is seen as a cumbersome, manual part of an organization and turning it into a strategic, value generating function.

The entire freight sourcing, vehicle dispatch and delivery process generates a whole list of documents, which if not managed, well can lead to a break down in collaboration and communication.

Superprocure’s platform has a common repository to store all your documents in a digital locker, from CNs to PODs to invoices, with rights based access thus preventing unauthorized use

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Product Benefits
Save time and money on every shipment

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