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a. Manpower Budget Module to define resource requirement.
b. Comprehensive Manpower Requisition Form (MRF) to submit the vacancy request.
c. Approval of Manpower Requisition by various hierarchies along with Checking and bifurcating man power requisition for replacement, fresh or budgeted.
d. Spine RECRUITMENT MODULE will automate the hiring process with comprehensive &user-friendly interface for candidate database.
e. Facility to source the candidate database from various agencies along with import facility.
f. Assignment of approved VACANCY to specific in-house recruiter for better tracking and sharing responsibilities.
g. Facility to define interview panel, panel members & interview round for each designation.
h. Dynamic interview process & capturing review at all rounds / levels.
i. Better visibility of candidate data through-out process of interview and selection by capturing over all details of candidate in one page, accessible from various options.
j. MIS on each level with advanced search on candidate data.
k. Auto mapping of selected candidates in Employee Master Database with issue of relevant letters & CTC fitment.
l. Facility to capture cost of hiring along with various other overheads.
m. Reconciliation of replacement with employee exiting and joining.
n. Selected candidate will be seamlessly getting integrated in Spine HRIS with creation of employee master database.

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