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Attendance Outsourcing Services

Attendance Process Outsource

In today’s era of globalization and capitalism, companies are looking for various methods to keep pace with the evolving market dynamics. With the increase in the number of employees, come the complexities of managing them. Conventional tracking methods like registers are a big failure and enterprises may end up with huge loses instead of profit and keep on wondering where they went wrong.

Sample this scenario: A construction company is paying a contractor Rs. 50,000 or $ 1000 daily for eight hours of shift employing 50 people. The contractor claims two hours of overtime by each worker for Rs. 200 or $ 4 each when none of his workers have actually done overtime. With 50 workers doing overtime for Rs. 200 or $ 4 on a daily basis, it is Rs. 10000 or $ 200 extra on a daily basis which is Rs. 3 lakh or $ 6000 on a monthly basis. This is a straight loss.

While most of your employees could be honest, there are always a few bad sheep that you need to monitor and scrutinize. As an employer, you constantly need to be on your toes ahead of such kind of deception so that you are not duped owing to fraudulent practices.

Wrong practices like buddy punching, irregular shift timings, and inflated man-hours, manipulated data entries, lobbying and human errors are some of administrative hindrances costing you a lot of time and efforts and thus affecting your progress.

By outsourcing attendance management services to Technowin, you have found the right partner to take care of these requirements. We provide affordable attendance management outsourcing for companies in India and Mumbai with our own personnel and technology. Our time and attendance outsourcing services allows you to overcome the risks involved in over-time calculation, attendance reports and legislative changes. From execution of daily activities related to time and attendance management, Technowin provides outsourcing service for attendance management to meet your requirements with no IT expenses and minimal operational maintenance.

So how does it work? Our experts take care of your company structure, shift timings, rosters, holidays, break-timings, overtime allowances and set it up for you. On a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis or whenever you want, our systems can provide you with detailed reports.

Since the service is outsourced, you will thus get high levels of information confidentiality and maintain 100% compliance through our state-of-the art technology complimented with dedicated professional experts.

With the ever-changing labor laws and regulations, detailed reporting and many other factors increase the complexities in scheduling, attendance and time keeping. Technowin has the knowledge and experience that you can always trust upon.

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